What are generics



A generic drug, like generic viagra or levitra, is the equivalent of the original pharmaceutical product. It contains the same active substance as him. Essentially there is no difference between the generic and the original pharmaceutical product.

Any generic drug enters the market, identifying with the internationally accepted non-proprietary name (INN), as well as its trademark. In the EU the use of generic medicines is increasing, as they are an effective alternative to expensive original drugs.

Regarding the criteria of quality, safety and effectiveness of generic drugs are identical to the original medication. Before he is entitled to be produced each generic medicine goes through exactly the same strict procedures of European or national health authorities as the original medicines.

The availability of treatment with generic drugs are expressed in their price, which is between 20% and 90% lower than the price of the original drugs. In European scale generics save over € 35 billion each year, their full potential to provide savings is not reached. Through affordable prices, according to market competitive principles generics and help to lower the prices of original drugs, thereby, albeit indirectly also help ensure savings for medicinal budgets.

It is because of the lower price and the identical quality generics are leading in market share, both in Bulgaria and in other countries with developed health. According to IMS Health Data 2011 Bulgaria granted 31% of the packaging are original products, which represent 64% of the money spent on drugs. Generic drugs account for 69% of the allocated packaging and 36% of the dollars spent.